Everything We Know About Minecraft Frogs So Far

Frogs will be a part of Minecraft 1.19 the Wild Update. We will discuss what features these little creatures will bring to us

The next update of Minecraft, the wild update, introduces many new mobs and features. One of the cute little mobs, which is going to make its way to Minecraft, is the Frog! Let’s throw everything we know about these creatures on the table.

Swamp Minecon

The first time we’ve seen a Frog was in the Minecon live 2019 biome vote (which the mountain biome won the vote, and now it’s available on the latest Caves and Cliffs update). One of the biomes shown during the biome vote was the swamp. If that biome were chosen, we could have had Frogs alongside the chest boats and the biome itself. Fortunately, this biome will finally get updated in the next major update (1.19)! You can see this article written by Robert about everything we’ve seen in the last Minecon live event for the 1.19 update.

Walking frogs

After the event, we didn’t see anything new about the Frogs for quite a long time; Until one of the Bedrock edition betas was released. We finally saw the look of the Frogs in-game. Not only in one, but in three different variants! Each color of them represents the biome they’ve grown up in. You can have the green Frog if it grows up in cold biomes such as the Taiga or Snowy Tundra. The white variant appears when the Frog is grown in warm biomes like the Desert, Jungle, or even the Nether. And the Frog is orange in the other tempered biomes.

Frogs in the wild

Now you may ask yourself, “How do I get Frogs?”. They spawn naturally in Swamps. But if you want other variants of frogs, you have to breed them. Much like the turtles, if you breed two Frogs (for now with slimeballs in the latest beta), one of them will go to the nearest water source to lay eggs (They’re named Frogspawn). Which eventually will spawn Tadpoles after a certain amount of time.

Tadpoles and frogs

Tadpoles are the baby version of Frogs. Because Frogs are amphibious in real life, the Tadpoles live in a water lake (or any water source in Minecraft), similar to the fish. The cutest predators in Minecraft, Axolotls, will hunt down Tadpoles just like Tropical fishes. After a while, the Tadpoles will turn into Frog variants, as I mentioned above.

Frogs in the swamp

The Frogs have some interesting behaviors. Sure, they jump around and walk just like an ordinary Frog. But surprisingly, they attack small-sized Slimes and Magma Cubes (not the medium or the big ones)! Not sure why they do that (they even used to eat goats! That was just added as a joke, and it’s no longer in the game), but when they eat a small Slime with their tongue, the Slime will drop a slimeball item. If they attack a small Magma Cube, you can acquire a new light source block named Froglight.


The Froglights are a new type of light block which you can obtain by making a Frog eat a small Magma Cube. As I said a bit earlier, they don’t attack the medium or large Magma cubes or Slimes. The Froglight also has three types, like the Frogs themselves! Depending on the Frog’s variant, the dropped Froglight would be different. The Ochre Froglight will be dropped if the Frog is orange (normal type). Following that, the Pearlescent Froglight and Verdant Froglight are obtained by white Frog (warm type) and green Frog (cold type) when a small Magma Cube is killed.

A frog in the swamp, another in the air jumping

That’s everything we know so far about the Frogs. Their adorable look and interesting behavior make them unique among other mobs that we’ve seen in Minecraft so far. I can’t wait for the 1.19 the Wild update because the next update of Minecraft is really going to be WILD!

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