How to make Potions in Minecraft

This guide will walk you through the variety of Potions in Minecraft and how they work.

When playing Survival, potions can be quite helpful. They’re really helpful since they can give special effects to players who consume them.

What Potions are and how they work

Potions are consumable or throwable items that have a special impact on the player. They can help you regain your health, increase your Strength or Speed, and so on.


Making potions is simple, but not as simple as you may believe, especially if you're a rookie player. I’m saying that because some of the essential materials are only found in the Nether, and you can't get them on the Overworld. As a result, you'll need to build a Nether Portal, travel there, defeat monsters, and locate a Nether Fortress.


  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Phantom Membranes
  • Golden Carrot
  • Glistering Melon
  • Pufferfish
  • Rabbit’s Foot
  • Spider Eye
  • Sugar
  • Turtle Shell

Overworld’s Potion Modifiers

  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • Glowstone Dust
  • Gunpowder
  • Redstone

Nether Ingredients

  • Blaze Rods
  • Ghast Tear
  • Magma Cream
  • Nether Wart
  • Soul Sand

You'll need the following to brew potions in Minecraft:

  • Brewing Stand
  • Glass Bottles
  • Blaze Powder

A Water Bottle is the foundation of any potion. Simply right-click on a water source while holding a Glass Bottle to make a Water Bottle.

How to craft a Brewing Stand

Brewing Stand
  1. Open your Crafting Table.
  2. In the crafting grid, place one Cobblestone in each of the three bottom spaces.
  3. One Blaze Rod should be placed in the center square.
Brewing Stand Crafting Recipe

How to craft Glass Bottles

  1. Open your Crafting Table.
  2. Place one Glass Block in each of the first and third squares of the middle row of the crafting grid.
  3. In the bottom row of the crafting grid, place one Glass Block in the second square
Bottle Crafting Recipe

How to craft Blaze Powder

Blaze Powder
  1. Open your Crafting Table.
  2. In any crafting grid square, place a Blaze Rod.
Blaze Powder Crafting Recipe

After that, you'll need to mix your Water Bottle with Netherwart in your Brewing Stand to make an Awkward Potion.

  1. Open the Brewing Stand.
  2. Fill each of the lower three squares marked with a bottle icon with one filled Glass Bottle.
  3. Fill the top square with one Nether Wart.
  4. Wait for the arrow to go full down. That means it’s completed.
Awkward Potion Crafting Recipe

All three Water Bottles become Awkward Potions as a result of this process. To make these Awkward Potions usable, you'll need to add more ingredients. The effects can then be modified to make them endure longer and be more potent. For example, place one Blaze Powder in the square where Nether Wart was.

Strength Potion Crafting Recipe

Wait for the arrow to go full down once again annnnd… BOOM! You got 3 Strength Potions!

Strength Potion

Potion Recipes


  • Awkward Potion: Water Bottle + Nether Wart
  • Healing (4 Health pts.): Awkward Potion + Glistering Melon
  • Regeneration (+1 health point per 2.5 seconds for 0:45): Awkward Potion + Ghast Tear
  • Regeneration II (+1 health point per 2.5 seconds for 1:30): Regeneration Potion, Glowstone Dust
  • Regeneration+ (+1 health point per 1.2 seconds for 0:22): Regeneration Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Strength (+3 melee damage for 3:00): Awkward Potion + Blaze Powder
  • Strength II (+3 melee damage for 8:00): Strength Potion, Glowstone Dust
  • Strength+ (+6 melee damage for 1:30): Strength Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Swiftness (+20% movement speed (3:00)): Awkward Potion + Sugar
  • Swiftness II (40% movement speed for 1:30): Swiftness Potion, Glowstone Dust
  • Swiftness+ (+20% movement speed for 8:00): Swiftness Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Leaping (+0.50 for 3:00): Awkward Potion + Rabbit's Foot
  • Leaping II (+0.50 for 8:00): Leaping Potion, Glowstone Dust
  • Leaping+ (+1.25 for 1:30): Leaping Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Night Vision (3:00): Awkward Potion + Golden Carrot
  • Night Vision+ (8:00): Night Vision Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Invisibility (3:00): Potion of Night Vision + Fermented Spider Eye
  • Invisibility+ (8:00): Invisibility Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Fire Resistance (3:00): Awkward Potion + Magma Cream
  • Fire Resistance+ (8:00): Fire Resistance Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Water Breathing (3:00): Awkward Potion + Pufferfish
  • Water Breathing+ (8:00): Water Breathing Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Slow Falling (1:30): Awkward Potion + Phantom Membrane
  • Slow Falling+ (4:00): Slow Falling Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Weakness (Melee damage -4 (1:30)): Water Bottle + Fermented Spider Eye


  • Poison (-1 HP every 2.5 seconds (0:45)): Awkward Potion + Spider Eye
  • Poison II (-1 health point per 1.2 seconds for 0:21 ): Poison Potion, Glowstone Dust
  • Poison+ (-1 health point per 2.5 seconds for 1:30): Poison Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Harming (6 Damage pts.): Potion of Healing/Poison + Fermented Spider Eye
  • Harming II (Damages 12 point): Harming Potion Glowstone Dust
  • Slowness (-15% speed (1:30)): Potion of Swiftness/Leaping + Fermented Spider Eye
  • Slowness II (-15% speed for 4:00): Slowness Potion, Glowstone Dust
  • Slowness+ (-60% speed for 0:20): Slowness Potion, Redstone Dust
  • Weakness (Melee damage -4 (1:30)): Water Bottle + Fermented Spider Eye
  • Weakness+ (Reduced melee damage by four for 4:00): Weakness Potion, Redstone Dust


  • Turtle Master (Slowness IV, Resistance III (0:20)): Awkward Potion + Turtle Shell
  • Enhanced Turtle Master (Turtle Master Potion, Glowstone Dust (0:40)): Awkward Potion + Turtle Shell
  • Extended Turtle Master (Turtle Master Potion, Redstone Dust (0:20)): Awkward Potion + Turtle Shell

Alright. That’s the end of another article. I’m not gonna say this time “Easy right?” cause… As I said above, this is simple but not as simple as you may believe. Take care and Stay Safe!


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