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Listing your Minecraft Server on Crafty only takes a few minutes, depending how thorough and passionate you want to be while writing your description!

Insightful Minecraft Analytics

Crafty has all your analytics needs covered. Players, upvotes, uptime are all tracked and shown on your server page! Even who upvoted the most!

Powerful Editor

Markdown powered editor to edit your server's description however you like!


Everything a traditional
Minecraft Server List has — but more & supercharged

No, really! Our goal has been to improve the experience based on the community's feedback

Advanced Analytics

Crafty helps you track your server's uptime, online players an anytime in the past, upvotes, as well as server page views. Complete transparency to what your server performs like!

Server Upvoters

Crafty features a dedicated section on your server page for upvoters, see who's upvoting your server and how many times before the monthly reset!

Additional Links

Add links to your server page such as Website, Store, Discord, Twitter & more!

Review System

State-of-the-art review system. Troll reviews won't get through, ensuring only constructive feedback in your server's reviews, while getting statistics about your reviews at the same time


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When we discovered, I knew we needed to list our server right away. Crafty has a great community and support team, and their site is now our go-to place for looking up players, skins, and promoting our server. Their service has helped us reach more players and the Discord bot makes it easy for our community to stay connected. Other server listing websites aren't as easy or fun to use, which is why Crafty takes the cake!

joshwenke, Server Owner


Server Owner, isoVerse functions more than just a server list, providing server FAQ's, player and skin information. The site looks far more professional than competing server lists the UI is easy to navigate while still being aesthetically pleasing. Listing my server was easy and the vote process for user's is effortless.

Jackbuzza, Youtuber, Streamer, Server Owner


Server Owner, The Armada Network

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