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What is a Minecraft server?

A Minecraft server is a computer that runs the Minecraft server software. It is used to host Minecraft worlds for multiple players to join and play on. The server software is free and can be downloaded from the official Minecraft website.

Why should I list my Minecraft Server on is a modern Minecraft Server list and your server can benefit from with with a modern personalized server page, advanced analytics, and more.

Can I add my private/whitelisted server on Crafty?

No, Crafty is a Minecraft Servers List for public servers.

Can I add Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition) server?

Yes, you can list your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server on Crafty. It is also possible to list your modded Minecraft server.

My server address has changed. Can I edit my server info on Crafty?

If your server address has changed you must contact the Crafty Team on Discord by opening a ticket and providing them with the link to your server's page on Crafty and the new server address.

What is Crafty's Pro badge on a server?

Crafty Pro is a way to get access to many exclusive features that we've implemented for our users and server owners, and to support the development of Crafty, effectively helping the site (and discord bot) to stay alive. You can read more about Crafty Pro here.

Do I need to have a Discord server to list my server on Crafty?

No, having a Discord server to list your Minecraft server is not mandatory.

My server will be offline for a long time. How can I unlist my server from Crafty?

You can unlist your server by going into your server's settings. It will also automatically be unlisted if it falls below 50% of uptime.

I don't have full access to my friend's server. Can I still list the server on Crafty?

You must have administrator privileges to list a Minecraft server on Crafty. You have to be the owner of the server in order to be able to list the server you want in Crafty. That means you need full access to the server's properties file and/or DNS.

Can I set up a votifier for my server on Crafty?

Yes, the Crafty Minecraft Server List supports Votifier, this way you can reward your players for voting. Crafty also provides you with a Votifier tester tool that you can find here.

Why isn't a server I know listed on Crafty?

If you can't find a specific server on Crafty, most likely it's not been listed by its owner. You have to contact the server owner about listing their server on Crafty.

What is the upvote cooldown? Can I upvote a server faster?

The default upvote cooldown is 24 hours. For a reduced cooldown, you may upgrade to Crafty Pro.

I've left a review on a server but it doesn't appear!

Don't worry about it! Before your review shows up on a server page, It should be approved by our moderation team.

I see inappropriate information on a server page. Where should I report it?

Each server page has a report button that you can use once logged in. Use it to report the issue in detail, and our moderation team will review it as soon as possible.

I found out that some of the information on a server is old/not correct. Should I contact Crafty staff?

You should use the report button to report inaccurate information.

I've left a review on a server and it hasn't appeared

Don't worry about it! Before your review shows up on a server page, it has be approved by our moderation team. This process shouldn't take longer than 1-2 days.

Why was my Minecraft server unlisted?

Servers with less than 50% uptime are automatically unlisted to ensure the quality of the Minecraft server list. If you think your server's uptime is above 50%, please contact the Crafty Team on Discord by opening a ticket and providing them with the link to your server's page on Crafty.

Why is my Minecraft server not approved?

If your server is not approved after 1-2 days of listing it, it is most likely because it does not meet our requirements. Please check the requirements for listing a Minecraft server on Crafty by reading our Terms of Service. If you have made the necessary adjustments, you can request a review via the edit page of your server.

Players & Skins

I found my Minecraft account on Crafty. How do I claim it?

Crafty provides two different ways of verifying the ownership of your account. Either In-game verification or by logging into your Microsoft account. You can get started here.

Can I remove previous names from my username history?

This feature is currently under development and should be released soon, stay tuned in our discord for an announcement.

Can I remove old skins from my skin history?

This feature is currently under development and should be released very soon.

Do I have to specify my country on the profile page?

No, you don't have to, but we provide that option if you wish to represent your country.

I see a player page using different colors for buttons, etc… How do I change my profile color?

That's the accent color magic of Crafty Pro. For more information, read here.

How can I add a skin to Crafty?

You don't actually add a skin to Crafty's directory. The skins that show up on the page are ones that are used by the players at some point. If you want your new skin to show up on the list, just head to your player page after changing your account's skin!

Why can't I upvote a Minecraft player?

It's probably because of the cooldown. The default upvote cooldown is 24 hours. For a reduced cooldown, you may upgrade to Crafty Pro.

I can't find a player with the name I know!

Make sure you've correctly written the name of the user (It's not case sensitive). Also, make sure the numbers and special characters are in the right order and place. If you still can't find the username, it's maybe changed.

Can I search for a username that has been used by someone but it's changed since then?

Yes, Crafty can find players that have previously used the username you entered.

Can I link multiple accounts to my profile?

Yes you can. If you have multiple player accounts/servers, you can list all of them here on Crafty.

How can I download a skin from Crafty?

You can use the download button just beneath the preview of the skin to download it.

Can I use a skin I liked for myself?

Yes, you can use any skin in the Crafty directory for yourself.

Can I claim a skin and link it to my profile?

Technically, you can't claim a skin” for yourself. But If you apply a skin for your account, it's going to appear on your player profile page alongside the other skins that you have used.

My player account history is incorrect!

Get in touch with us in the support channel of our Discord server!

How can I unlink a Minecraft player profile that I've claimed in Crafty?

Go to the player page you want to unlink, and click on edit. Head down to the bottom of the page, click on the “unlink player” and it's done.

I haven't migrated my Mojang account to Microsoft yet. Can I claim a player profile?

Unfortunately, If you haven't migrated your Mojang account into a Microsoft account, no you can't. Since the force migration has already started, you can't actually launch the game to proceed to our verification server.

I see an inappropriate bio on a player page. Where should I report it?

Use the report button to report any issues and our moderation team will review it as soon as possible.

Can I verify/claim a player account without launching the game up and logging into your verification server?

With our new way to claim a player profile, if you have Minecraft: Java Edition of the game in your Microsoft account (or have migrated your Mojang account into a Microsoft account), you can verify/claim a player as simple as a few clicks!

Account & Login

Can I log in with an email and password?

No, you can't. Crafty supports modern ways of authentication.

Is it possible to link my Minecraft player profile to multiple Discord accounts?

No. Every player page/server can be claimed by one individual Discord account.

I don't have a Minecraft premium account but I want to have my own player page!

If you don't own the game, you can't have a player page of yours.

I want a refund of Crafty Pro!

You can find our refund policy in our terms of service

For how long will I stay logged in if I don't visit the website?

We use authentication cookies that help you stay logged in for 7-14 days.

What kind of information do you collect from us? What are you going to do with it?

We store your Discord / Microsoft ID, username, and avatar. We use this data to provide you with the best possible experience as a user.

How can I terminate my Crafty account and delete all of my collected data?

Send us an email or contact us on Discord with your crafty profile URL and we will have it deleted.

What are Crafty Pro payment methods? Do you accept crypto?

We currently accept payments via Stripe, which accepts credit/debit cards, Apple Pay & Google Pay.


I think I found a bug on Crafty; How do I report it?

You can directly report it via the Feedback page, contact us via Discord, or file an issue in our GitHub issues tracker (

Why do people have CUSTOM CAPES?

There are two well-known types of capes you can explore and see on Crafty. One type is the official capes that Mojang gave to certain players for certain reasons. The other type is Optifine capes which are not official and held by a 3rd-party client, Optifine itself. You can get more information about the Optifine cape on their website.

Is this website also for the Crafty Bot dashboard?

No. The Crafty website is not a place to configure the Crafty bot.

Where do I send my feedback on the website?

Just click on the {icon v} next to the {icon +} and click on the feedback button. We'd love to see what your opinion is about the website and how we can improve it even more.

I've changed my Discord avatar, but it hasn't changed in my Crafty profile or it doesn't even appear at all!

Just log out then log in again. If it didn't work, try again later. If once again nothing has changed but your avatar doesn't load anymore, feel free to get in touch with us in the support channel of our Discord server.

I'm an influencer. Does Crafty accept sponsorship?

Yes! If you are an influencer, click here to apply!

Is Crafty an official platform confirmed by Mojang studios?

No. Crafty by no means has any official association with Mojang AB. Crafty is made by the community, for the community!