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What you'll get

  • 🔗

    Custom Profile URL (slug; /users/custom-slug)

  • 🔗

    Custom Server URL (slug; /servers/custom-slug)

  • 📊

    Detailed breakdown of upvoters on your Server & linked Players

  • 🥷

    Hide your Skin & Cape history

  • ⏱️

    Linked accounts frequently updated to save new skins

  • Custom accent color for your Server & Player page

  • 🖼️

    Add a custom High-Res image on your listed Minecraft Server

  • 📜

    Server description character limit bump to 1,500 characters (instead of 800)

  • 🏷️

    Add up to 9 tags on your Server (instead of 5)

  • ⏱️

    Upvoting cooldown reduced to 6 hours (default is 24 hours)

  • 🪝

    Increased API limits on our Public API

  • 🤖

    Access to 3 Minecraft server tracking slot on Crafty Bot

  • 🤖

    Ability to play with Crafty bot via Direct Messages

  • 🤖

    Access to the special Crafty Bot /texturesearch command

  • 🤖

    Cooldown removed from all commands

  • Special Pro Icon on your profile, all your servers, and linked players

  • Special Pro access on Crafty's Discord

  • 💫

    Early Access to our features, where you can provide feedback


4.99 USD

By subscribing, you support the development of Crafty

Here's a list of features we plan to introduce in the future

Player Statistics

Get Minecraft player statistics across multiple popular Minecraft servers, all-in-one. This tool is already under development and is used by Crafty bot

More capes

We're working on displaying more capes on your player's profile other than Minecraft & OptiFine Capes

Rich Text Editor

Right now you can only use Markdown for your server's description, we plan to change this with a feature rich text editor to help you create the best description for your server

Server Analytics

Analytics for server owners for better insights

Skin Editor

Feature rich skin editor for you to create your next best skin freely and with ease


Receive notifications useful notifications (if you opt in) when your server goes offline, when a Minecraft username is available, when a new Minecraft version or article is out, and more!

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