How to change your Minecraft Skin with a few clicks

In this quick guide you will learn how to change your Minecraft Skin quicker than ever with just a few clicks!

How to change your Minecraft Skin with a few clicks

Sometimes the process of changing your Minecrat Skin might seem boring, because we get it, you want to change your Skin often, always keep up with a cool and epic skin.

Currently, the process of changing your Minecraft skin from your account settings is:

  • Search through millions of Minecraft Skins on
  • Pick the most epic and coolest looking skin and download it
  • Login into with your minecraft account details
  • Go to SKIN tab
  • Choose the Minecraft Skin Model which is either Classic or Slim
  • Select file, go through your entire computer files and waste a tremendous amount of time looking for it
  • Upload

This is a terrible waste of time, and can help

With, you can skip many of these steps, because ALL you have to do is, be logged into your account, choose a skin, click apply, done!

Wait what?!

Yes, I know, it's that simple! Let's take it back once again:

  • Login into with your Minecraft account details
  • Pick a Minecraft Skin out of the millions of skins has to provide
  • Click apply, (at this point you will be redirected to
  • Click upload, DONE!

CSGO skin
CSGO skin

That's it! Easy!